BioCAS 2016|Oct.17-19|Shanghai,China

IEEE BrainCAS - Participant Agenda

Key timings for the event are shown below. Coffee and refreshment breaks will be scheduled into the working sessions as required.

Wednesday 19th October – Arrival and Registration

Time Activities
15:00 -
Participant Arrival and Registration
Zheijang Hotel, Hangzhou

Thursday 20th October – Neural Interfaces

Time Activities
08:30 Formal Welcome
Keynote Address and Discussion
  • Ralph Etienne-Cummings
  • Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • I, Robot: Blurring the lines between Mind, Body and Robotics
11:45 LUNCH
13:15 Technical Talks and Discussion
  1. Engineering challenges in developing miniaturized closed-loop neuromodulation devices for peripheral nerves (Victor Pikov)
  2. Present & Future Neurophysiology Priorities in Movement Disorders & Motor Control: Closed-Loop Systems, Remote Care, tDCS (Zoltan Mari)
  3. Novel optrode arrays and their applications in neural circuit dissection (Yi Lu)
Developing Research Ideas
Technical Talks and Discussion
  1. Biological Science Driven Future of Neural Interface Engineering (Takashi D. Yoshida Kozai)
  2. Achieving scale and multicolor in optoelectrodes (John Seymour)
  3. Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing to Build Robotic Brain (Huajin Tang)
18:00 BREAK
19:30 ‘Poster cocktail party’ - poster session, networking and informal dinner

Friday 21st October – Brain Machine Interfaces

Time Activities
08:30 Reflections on day one
08:55 Keynote address and discussion
  • Marc Slutzky
  • Northwestern University, USA
  • Developing clinically viable brain machine interfaces: progress and challenges in selecting optimal input signals
Technical Talks and Discussion
  1. Closed-loop neural interfaces: challenges and opportunities (Andrew Jackson)
  2. BrainGate2: Developing an Intracortical Neural Interface for Restoration of Function for People with Paralysis (Jaimie M. Henderson)
  3. Epidural neural implant for motor function recovery after spinal cord injury (Wentai Liu)
12:20 LUNCH
13:50 Exploring the Research Themes
16:00 Reflections and Next Steps
16:30 CLOSE


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