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Call for Special Session Proposals

The BioCAS 2016 Organizing Committee invites proposals for "Special Sessions". The objective is to complement the regular program with new or emerging topics of particular interest to the biomedical circuits and systems community that may also cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented at BioCAS.

Each session will comprise of 4 to 5 presentations of 18-22 minutes each. The first paper in a Special Session may serve as an introduction to the field, aimed at outsiders. Prospective organizers of Special Sessions should submit proposals indicating:

  • Title of the session.
  • Rationale of the need for the Special Session at BioCAS. The rationale should stress the novelty of the topic and its multidisciplinary flavor (if any). (Please keep this to one to two paragraphs at most.)
  • Short biography of the organizers. Each proposed Special Session should have no more than two co-organizers.
  • List of four (4) to five (5) contributed papers (including titles, authors, contact information of the corresponding author, and a short abstract of each contribution). Organizers should not contribute more than one paper each.
  • Preliminary full version of the overview paper is desirable. If submitted, it enhances the chances of proposal acceptance.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness of the topic, the qualifications of the organizers and the authors of the contributed papers, the balance of the topics across the technical areas represented in BioCAS, and the presence and quality of the overview paper. Endorsement of the proposal by at least one BioCAS technical committee is encouraged, but not required for consideration. Note that Special Session proposals on topics that clearly belong to well established (sub) tracks of BioCAS will not be accepted.

After Special Session proposals are approved, manuscripts may be submitted to the special sessions and should conform to the formatting and electronic submission guidelines of regular BioCAS papers. Papers will undergo the same review process as regular papers. It is the responsibility of the organizers to ensure that their Special Session papers meet BioCAS quality standards. If, at the end of the review process, fewer than four (4) papers are accepted, the session will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to regular sessions.

Proposals should be sent via e-mail in PDF format to the Special Session Co-Chairs, Pedram Mohseni, Jun Ohta and Manuel Delgado-Restituto, before June 5, 2016, 5pm United States Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

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  • Best Paper Awards
  • Best Demo Awards
  • Student Travel Awards

Special Session Co-Chairs

  • Pedram Mohseni
  • (,Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA

  • Jun Ohta
  • (,Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Nara, Japan

  • Manuel Delgado-Restituto
  • (,Microelectronics Institute of Sevilla & University of Sevilla, Spain


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