BioCAS 2016|Oct.17-19|Shanghai,China
Prof. John P. Seymour

John P. Seymour

Affilliation: University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science



Dr. John Seymour's research is in the area of advanced neurotechnology with a focus on circuit mapping tools. His research has addressed reduced tissue reactivity, improved optical and electrical performance, and improved mechanical properties. Dr. Seymour earned his B.S. with Honors in Engineering Physics from Ohio State University (1996), and his M.S. (2004) and Ph.D (2009) in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He now holds a faculty research position of Asst Research Scientist in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His industry experience includes working at NeuroNexus as a Principal Scientist helping to translate high-density recording and optical stimulation technology to the neuroscience community. His research interests are in MEMS, electrophysiological sensors, implantable medical devices, device longevity, optical stimulation tools, and advanced packaging.

Talk Title: Achieving scale and multicolor in optoelectrodes

Talk Abstract:

Local circuit analysis requires manipulating neurons in vivo at multiple sites independently and at high spatial and temporal resolutions while simultaneously recording neurons. Recording still offers the highest temporal resolution of cell activity and is able to separate distinct frequency bands of population phenomena and even provide cell-type information. I will present our results in developing fiberless, multi-color optoelectrodes that importantly are low-cost, reliable systems. Additionally, μLED arrays (monochromatic) are an alternative optoelectrode technology we are developing with a separate set of design challenges. Both these approaches have been demonstrated to excite and inhibit local neurons for brain mapping applications.


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