BioCAS 2016|Oct.17-19|Shanghai,China
Venue for BioCAS, Shanghai, Oct 17-19, 2016

BioCAS Venue Information

  • The BioCAS 2016 conference will be hosted at the five-star hotel, Hotel Pullman Shanghai Skyway, in Shanghai, China.
  • Hotel Address:
  • 15 Dapu Road, Huangpu District,
    Shanghai, 200023,
  • From Pudong Airport: about 45 minutes by taxi, or 90 minutes by subway.
  • From Hongqiao Airport: about 30 minutes by taxi, or 50 minutes by subway.

Venue for BrainCAS, Hangzhou, Oct 20-21, 2016

BrainCAS Venue Information

  • The BrainCAS 2016 workshop will be hosted at Zhejiang Hotel, in Hangzhou, China.
  • Hotel Address:
  • No. 278, Santaishan Road,
  • Bus transportation from Shanghai to Hangzhou on Oct. 19th and back from Hangzhou to Shanghai on Oct. 21st, will be provided by the conference.


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