BioCAS 2016|Oct.17-19|Shanghai,China

General Information - BrainCAS

BrainCAS, a 2-day post-conference workshop, will be held in Hangzhou, a beautiful historic city near Shanghai, from Oct. 20 to 21 2016, at Zhejiang Hotel. Bus transportation from Shanghai to Hangzhou on Oct. 19th and back from Hangzhou to Shanghai on Oct. 21st will be provided by the workshop. To attend the workshop, you can register the workshop only or together with BioCAS and more information can be found at the registration page.

The 1st IEEE BrainCAS workshop is a unique forum for showcasing the latest in neurotechnology and neuroscience and identifying challenges and opportunities. The workshop will align to a different theme for each day:

It will feature an outstanding and highly innovative technical programme aimed at facilitating engagement between the neurosciences, neural engineering, medical and IEEE CAS communities. Invited experts from the international neuroscience and neurotechnology communities will provide their insights, pose the challenges, and present opportunities.

Through a unique programme, the “audience” will be in continuous interaction. The goal is for every participant to leave BrainCAS: (1) with new contacts; and (2) with new ideas!

Workshop Format:

BrainCAS will, for the first time, feature a creative, interactive technical programme that will shift the focus from a traditional “presenter-focused” workshop to one that ALL participants interact and contribute to. This non-traditional workshop format will provide opportunities for BioCAS members and engineers to find collaborators, and to identify and develop new ideas together. Neuroscientists and physicians will benefit from finding collaborating engineers, scientists and deepen their knowledge on forefront technologies. Learning about neuroscience and neurotechnology in an interactive way will help students, and newcomers to the field to understand the cutting edge of neural interfaces, BMI and neuromodulation. Experts can learn more about the latest scientific results through the talks and discussion.

To facilitate this level of interaction, the technical programme will feature a number of different formats:

Call for Discussion Posters

The evening session on the first day will be an informal interactive session with dinner and drinks. All participants (including invited speakers, organisers, registrants) can bring recently published/presented posters and exhibit to the audience. The poster details (title, abstract) will be recorded together with participants’ profiles, and compiled in a “workshop proceedings” that will be provided to all participants. Please submit your poster through BrainCAS poster submission page. The posters are mainly to facilitate discussions and can be based on either published or yet-published results. These will be checked/reviewed – only to ensure they are within scope of the workshop.

Organising Committee:

Any questions, please contact us through email:


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